The Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

Medical marijuana has long been recognized as a way to treat, manage, and relieve a variety of human ailments and physical symptoms. Emerging research, however, shows humans aren’t the only mammals that can benefit from cannabis oil: their furry best friends can, as well.

When CBD (cannabidiol) – one of the many chemical compounds contained in hemp and cannabis flower – is infused into dog treats, they become a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals in regards to helping alleviate your pet’s pain and other ailments. Over the years, CBD dog treats have become an increasingly popular – not to mention safer and more cost-effective – option for taking care of pets.

If your puppy is struggling with a physical or behavioral condition, consider using dog treats that contain CBD oil as an alternative medication to help mitigate or manage the associated symptoms.

When to use CBD dog treats for pets

As the medical component of the marijuana plant, CBD provides relief for various health conditions in dogs, according to an article on It interacts with your dog’s natural endocannabinoid system to modulate sensations such as anxiety, nausea and pain.

Some of the ailments CBD oil and CBD dog treats can address include:

  • Chronic pain. CBD dog treats mitigate several types of discomfort and pain, including that associated with arthritis and cancer.
  • Inflammation. By interacting with receptors throughout a dog’s body, CBD can act as an immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Anxiety. For high-strung pets, CBD dog treats can help alleviate stress caused by noise phobias or separation anxiety.
  • Seizures. Whether they are caused by epilepsy or another genetic disorder, seizures are another medical condition that can be managed or reduced by CBD.
  • Appetite Loss. CBD dog treats relieve digestive issues for dogs, along with boosting appetite and reducing nausea.
  • Aggression. CBD products also can help treat stress disorders and aggressive behaviors.

The benefits vs. risks

CBD doesn’t possess the psychoactive properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound in marijuana, so you as a pet parent don’t have to worry about your pet ‘getting high’ or suffering psychoactive side effects. However, CBD oil does not sedate dogs, either.

Unlike pharmaceuticals or traditional pain medications for dogs, medical cannabis produces no life-threatening side effects, as long as it is administered properly. As with most other medications, overdose can be potentially risky and even fatal.

While CBD dog treats are certainly not a cure-all for medical conditions, they can offer significant relief to pets who are given products from a reputable manufacturer and in the right dosage.

Pet parents looking to incorporate CBD oil or CBD-infused dog treats into their pet’s treatment plan should first speak with a veterinarian to ensure they know the correct procedures for administering the products.  

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