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As your pets age, their small bumps, cuts, and bruises, earned from hours of playing in the yard, morph into lingering aches, dwindling appetites, and sharp pains. As the years pass, it becomes more challenging to get your pet to do the things they once loved without discomfort. We don’t want to see your pet in pain. We want to see you happy and healthy together!

There are multiple ways to try and help your aging pet, such as:

  • Household modification (covering slippery floors with easy to grip surfaces or having ramps instead of stairs)
  • Pet carriers and harnesses
  • Remedies or supplements prescribed by their veterinarian
  • CBD Oil

Solutions range from affordable to expensive, with options as easy as buying a rug. Prescribed drugs can have various impacts on your pet’s health and comfort. If you want to help relieve your pet’s pain but don’t want to make household modifications that can be expensive or have to continually pick up prescriptions that could alter your pet’s mood, it might be time to give a newer remedy—CBD Oil—a try.

What does CBD Do?

CBD Oil is a commonly known product often administered to maturing pets. It has gained notoriety for being an all-natural remedy with no synthetic compounds or lasting adverse effects on animals. This oil helps with restlessness, aging pains, and arthritis because it thought to have both anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. Some studies emphasize the use of CBD in reducing seizures in animals. CBD can have many significant impacts on aging animals and may provide some relief.

How does CBD Help?

In the early 1990s, researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate cellular activities and maintain homeostasis (a chemical balance within the body). This system, found in most mammals, has a network of receptors activated naturally by endocannabinoids made in the body. However, many of these break down too quickly to truly help. CBD slows the body’s breakdown of endocannabinoids and binds to receptors that help regulate pain, inflammation, and body temperature. Blocking and binding to different receptors encourages your system to return to homeostasis and leave pains and anxiety behind, allowing both humans and pets to improve naturally. 

Our CBD products can help ensure minimal hardship and hassle throughout the years. They are a great way to treat developing problems such as arthritis, inflammation, waning appetites, and chronic aging pains. CBD usage will help your pet’s carefree personality shine through. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch the years pass by. Our CBD products will help make aging a painless process for pets, improving and enhancing their passing years.