How CBD Can Help Your Pet Suffering With Seizures

Seizures can be a frightening and life-threatening condition for your pet, especially if they suffer from conditions where seizures are an ongoing problem (epilepsy and similar issues in particular). Many pet owners feel terrible and helpless when their pet suffers from seizures: It doesn’t help that seizure medications for pets can be hit or miss.

This is one area where CBD products can be particularly effective, and we encourage you to check out CBD treatments if your pet has seizures. You may have seen CBD recommended for things like pain relief, but that doesn’t tell you much about how it works. Here are common questions about this treatment and answers about the benefits it can provide!

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD is one of the two famous active chemicals in cannabis and hemp, the other being THC. While THC is associated with getting “high,” CBD affects the pain receptors in the brain and helps reduce inflammation in the body. It doesn’t get your pet high, it isn’t an opioid, and it isn’t addictive – which puts CBD if a very unique class of medications. Most CBD today is harvested from hemp that is bred to be THC-free, providing an easy and organic way to get concentrates like CBD oils and treats.

Does CBD Really Work for Seizures?

Here’s where things get interesting. There’s not a lot of research on CBD medications yet, but the studies that have been done have already show that CBD is effective in treating seizures in animals. That means it reduces the number of seizures that they suffer from, and reduces how severe those seizures are – all due to the effect that CBD has on the brain.

Pharmaceutical companies seem to have come to their own conclusion with private research: There’s already a drug on the market called Epidiolex designed to treat human seizures with a CBD infusion. Fortunately, thanks to the prevalence of organic sources of CBD, there’s no need to buy an expensive pharma drug just to get the benefits for you or your pets.

Are There Any Side Effects That I Should Know About?

Another great benefit of CBD for seizures is that there are few side effects, and they are mild at the most. Depending on dosage, some pets may experience light drowsiness or dry mouth. That’s it! The absence of side effects also makes it easier to find dosages that are just right for your pet without worrying about overdosing or dangerous accidents.

Where Can I Find the Right CBD Medication for My Pet?

Talk to your vet about treating seizures with CBD and how to start. Treats and CBD oil medications are both options, but it’s important to always know the concentration of CBD in the product so you can plan out the right dosage.

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