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You’ve likely read in the media that the use of cannabis oil for numerous purposes is on the rise. People suffering a variety of ailments are turning to CBD oil as a safer, alternative treatment. Taking care of our health is a growing cause, so it’s natural to be more health conscious over-all in our everyday lives. That leads to ensuring everyone we care about is living a healthy life style, and that doesn’t stop with our aging parents or growing children. What about Fido or Fluffy? They’ve been with you through hard times, and highlighted the good times. Of course you want them to stick around as long as possible. Just as we scrutinize the labels of our own medications and health products, we don’t want any potentially risky things making their way into our beloved animals. A natural alternative usually comes to the rescue, with CBD oil being at the top of the list, but is it safe for animals? If so, does it work?

All warm-blooded vertebrate (mammals) as well as all other animals in the chordate category (reptiles, birds, and even fish) are equipped with a biological system with the ability to process cannabinoids, the chemical compounds in cannabis and therefore cannabis oil; this system is called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This system within animals and people is extremely similar; though there are more endocannabinoid receptors in canines than humans (which suggests a higher susceptibility and means the dosage is significantly smaller for dogs). The ECS intertwines with multiple physiological processes, including nausea, appetite, pain sensory, and more. With the wide interactive range of the ECS, CBD oil has a high ability to affect a number of bodily functions and ailments in animals. Cannabis oil benefits in animals are very similar to its effects in people, with the greatest success lying in the treatment of inflammation, gastrointestinal issues, appetite, and pain relief.

Common ailments in pets include skin irritation and inflammation, joint inflammation, anxiety, and cancer, particularly in senior dogs and cats. CBD reduces the inflammation incurred by abnormal friction in joints that results in chronic arthritis. It also soothes the skin, decreasing inflammation caused by things like bug bites and seasonal allergies. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety when you leave home, or your cat is beyond panicked when you have to load them into their carrier for a trip to the groomer’s, you may want to give CBD oil a try to quell their anxiety, as many studies have shown that CBD has significant anti-anxiety properties. In the treatment of cancer, cannabis oil is not a cure, but it can greatly increase the over-all comfort of your pet by providing relief of nausea, seizures, and the multitude of deep pains that are so frequently experienced. You can even use low doses of CBD as a prophylactic- a preventative to stop potential health threats before they have a chance to crop up. The endocannabinoid system’s responsibility is to help maintain a copacetic environment, ensuring a state of homeostasis, so it suggests that small amounts of cannabis oil incorporated into a health routine can stave off a plethora of both physical and mental health issues, especially with an aging pet in mind.

CBD oil is safe and well-tolerated in animals, and proves very beneficial in treating health conditions and maintaining long-term health. Talk to your veterinarian, and of course, do your research, as you would with any other medication. Also be sure that you are using a high quality CBD supplement. It’s of the utmost importance that the CBD supplement you choose be high quality, sourced by companies obtaining their industrial hemp from trusted farmers that are committed to growing an organic, quality crop. Cannabis oil sourced in China may appeal to you because of its price point, but don’t let that override commonsense; you often get what you pay for.

There have been a seemingly countless number of medical research studies using CBD oil that have shown positive results and virtually no negative side effects. Whether you have a breed that is prone to specific health issues that you’re determined to avoid, you’re caring for an animal rescue with special needs, or your senior pet isn’t quite as bubbly and spirited as they used to be, treating them with high quality cannabis oil can help. Add CBD oil into their routine and you’re adding longevity, comfort, and some pep back in their step.

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