Dog & Owner CBD Oil Testimony – Dana Arcuri

Here’s another fabulous testimony for dog lovers! Also, for people with thin hair and hair loss. 

Wow! Day 60 (04-27-18) No Discomfort and Pain Free! I’m feeling calm. My hair is getting thicker and growing around the hairline in my balding areas. I’m sleeping better. Me and my dog, Paris, are much calmer, less distressed and impatient! 

I’m up to 10 drops 2X a day starting April 23 and just started my second bottle! I’m taking it right after breakfast or at most one hour later. Sometimes, just 8 drops in the AM. Then 2-4 drops mid day and the last 8 drops after the last meal. 

Paris is taking 8 drops of the 250 mg pet CBD oil 2X a day. I’m giving it to her after she eats, but now I started in the morning before she has her first meal and about two hours or more after her last meal. 

I couldn’t be happier! I will post a more clear hairline pictures and the new growth. So easy, so simple. So powerful! Nature’s healer!

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