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Booms, bangs, and crackles are all seemingly harmless noises that trigger anxiety in your pets. Anxiety isn’t just something humans experience, it’s something pets of any age encounter when faced with unfamiliar stimulants.  Whether it be the booming of thunder echoing across the sky, the crackles of exploding fireworks on the Fourth of July, or the roaring of the vacuum sweeping across the floor, animals are just as sensitive to stimuli (if not more) than humans are.

Most animals are afraid of loud noises, often jumping, shaking, or cowering under the bed.   Some people cradle and reassure their pet during spouts of loud noises, and some can’t reach the pet cowering against the wall under the bed.  No matter how you console your pet, they can’t help their natural reactions.

Evolved Fears

Evolution has instilled a fear of loud noises in most animals, including dogs. When your pet hears sudden noises, their brains register the sound as a perceived threat.  Animals know that most of the time, it’s easier to avoid the threat than to go towards it and fight it (especially when there is no physical form to fight). When animals, particularly dogs, are young there is a period where they learn what is ‘normal’ in the world. If animals are exposed to loud noises then, they can become desensitized to them or, alternatively, associate bad experiences with them.

How CBD Helps with Anxiety

When pets with negative reactions hear loud noises, their body releases stress hormones that focus their attention solely on fear, drowning out your comforting reassurances.  This only worsens as dogs age and gradually lose the ability to hear high frequencies and locate the sound’s origin. Just like you, we don’t want to see your pet fearful and unhappy, so we offer CBD products as a solution.  Fast-acting CBD oil helps the body to rebalance chemicals and calms down the animals immediately after administration.

Our anxiety-relieving CBD Oil, pet treats, and sprays are the products best fit for your anxious animals.  They are extracted with the utmost level of care to ensure you are getting the best products available. We use only high quality, organic products because you and your pet’s safety are our top priority.