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Plane rides are full of terrifying turbulence, strange rattling, unexpected air pressure changes, and cries from the children sitting behind you. It’s stressful for any person, not to mention the pets coming along for the ride.  Even if not on a plane, a long car ride can incite the same feelings. Travel anxiety is a condition that runs rampant in pets, especially when they are in unfamiliar environments and have no control over their surroundings.  


There are three safe options for dealing with their anxiety while traveling: 

  • Let your pet suffer 
  • Give them sedatives
  • Treat them with organic and healthy products


No pet owner wants their pet to suffer, and the side effects like difficulty breathing, slowed heart rate, and immobility means that many people aren’t comfortable giving pet sedatives.  If your pet is stored in a cargo hold, these side effects could even result in hypothermia or other injuries.  For this reason, many airlines no longer allow sedated pets.  If you don’t want to leave your pet at home, don’t want them to suffer, and don’t want to give them sedatives, CBD could be a great alternative option.


These CBD products help to calm your pet’s anxiety without the side effects of sedation: behavior changes, drowsiness, or vomiting.  This way, the ride to your destination is smooth and enjoyable, and you can start your vacation off right.  


All CBD products for animals should be organic with no additives or preservatives.  There are hundreds of compounds in cannabis, but the two we’re concerned with are THC, and CBD.  THC provides the ‘high’ that marijuana is known to produce.  If the company you are getting your CBD products from isn’t safe and entirely reliable, THC could be in the oil they’re selling to you. THC is poisonous to pets and can result in adverse side effects. 


We carefully extract our oils with systems that ensure that it is pure, healthy, and pet-friendly. The main ingredient in each of our products is full-spectrum hemp oil, thought to be calming and relaxing (and perfectly healthy) for your pet.  We guarantee that our final product is natural and beneficial to animals.


With our help, your pet will be a calm companion aboard any flight or car ride.  The sounds of the plane, unknown surroundings, and children kicking the back of your chair won’t affect them.  We will help your pet be the easiest and most peaceful travel companion, ready to pick up and go any time you’re willing to pack your suitcase.