I use CBD and I give my dog CBD for anxiety says pet owner

Marianne Dickson suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammation of the spine. The condition causes her severe pain and reduced flexibility. To treat her condition, she uses CBD, but she’s not the only family member to benefit from the cannabis extract. She says she gives her dog CBD for anxiety and arthritis and it helps.

Marianne bakes cookies with CBD oil and shares them with Honey. She spoke to the Daily Mail about her experience.

Honey has CBD for anxiety in cookies

Honey is a rescue dog. She would bark and snarl at other dogs or she would cower. Six months ago, Marianne started sharing her CBD cookies with Honey since CBD for anxiety in pets is said to work wonders. Honey’s life became a walk in the park. She now enjoys an outing and goes up to other dogs to sniff them out.


Honey also suffers from arthritis, but the painkillers the vet prescribed would sedate her, so Marianne stopped giving them to her. The cookies only contain a few drops of CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Marianne says you really don’t need a lot. People use CBD for pain, as she does, and can feel the effect within 15 minutes.

People and pets can benefit from CBD

CBD oil, derived from cannabis, contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound in recreational marijuana. Vets warn that THC is very bad for dogs, but Marianne says CBD has many health benefits for people and their pets. Honey’s unknown past must have been traumatic because she has always been very anxious, but CBD for anxiety has changed that.

Since she started receiving CBD-laced treats, Honey is much more playful and not so stiff. The vet doesn’t know Honey is on CBD yet, but Marianne says she will tell the vet if Honey ever needs to go again. She discovered CBD oil online, and after reading about two vets in Australia who say it’s good for dogs, she decided to let Honey try her cookies.

Cutting down on medication

Marianne has experienced a lot of pain since a young age and has been smoking cannabis for 20 – 30 years. She has been interested in the health benefits of the plant for many years. She decided to try CBD after her doctor became concerned about the amount of medication she used.

Marianne says she only takes a drop of CBD in her coffee every day. This has allowed her to cut down on her medication, and she is a lot more active too.

CBD for anxiety makes Honey a happy dog

It was after Marianne’s own positive experience with CBD that she decided to try it on Honey and see if it could benefit her as well. The CBD oil really helped with Honey’s physical and mental problems. Nowadays, she is not so stiff and in pain, and is much more relaxed and happy says her owner, Marianne.

Her case isn’t unique. We often hear reports on people giving CBD to pets as a calmative. From firework phobias to the hidden traumas of a rescue dog’s past, the reports are positive. However, THC can cause serious problems for pets, so be careful to keep it out of reach of animals.


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